Each fifteen inch cube in this series contains a realistically miniaturized room interior. Except for title, the pieces are all identical on the outside, giving no clue to the scenes contained within. Lights and motors activated by the viewer from a switch at the top animate unusual actions in commonplace interior settings created at a scale of about one inch to one foot. The single peephole allows composition and organization as in two dimensional work, but three dimensions heighten the realism and drama. This format also purposely isolates the viewer from interaction with others and limits external distraction. Since each piece is self contained with controlled lighting situations, photographic reproduction can only serve as a guide in portraying the kinetic effect.

After clicking on a link, an approximation of the animations can be made by moving the mouse over or clicking on the images. Please allow both images to load in order to achieve the effect.

An Act of God

A Blessing in Disguise